Capturing Leads with Content as Bait

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Content that Grabs Industrial Manufacturing Leads

Capturing leads with content works better with engineers for some types of content. Top performing content with over 40% of engineers saying they would complete a lead form to receive the content was White Papers, CAD Drawings, and IN-Depth Case Studies,

Capturing leads with content placed behind a lead form has become a popular online marketing strategy. However, this tactic must be used strategically to generate leads without putting up barriers to nurturing leads. Let’s look at this further. . .


Using Content to Collect Leads on Your Website

You’ve come across this yourself, no doubt. You’re browsing through a website and see something of interest. You click the link, and a lead form greets you.

You’re asked to provide your email—and possibly other information—in exchange for the content that caught your attention.

When used well, this method works to build lead lists and generate newsletter subscriptions. However, you need to decide what to put behind an email lead form and what not to.


What content will appeal to your target audience?

As an industrial manufacturer, you know that design engineers are among your most common prospects. The chart above breaks out what percentage of engineers will complete a lead form for each type of content.


Top 3 Content Types for Lead Generation

  • White Paper
  • CAD Drawing
  • In-Depth Case Study


Content You Don’t Want to Gate

Keep in mind that 17% of engineers will never complete a lead form. So, if you want them to see your content, you need to keep it openly available.

Also, we know that buyers want to complete most of their buyer journey without having to contact you too early in the process.

Therefore, avoid gating essential content. For example, 73% of engineers found datasheets valuable. That’s why I don’t recommend placing datasheets behind lead forms.

Capturing leads with content makes sense. Just use this tactic wisely and remember to employ marketing automation to nurture those leads!

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